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If you are interested in a Present Litter or Upcoming Litter, please fill out my Puppy Questionnaire (link is below) and send it to me first. I will review your questionnaire and then schedule a day for you to come out and meet us. Both are required before you are accepted on the Waiting List. Please read My Breeding Philosophy (link below) before filling out my Questionnaire. All pet puppies are sold on a Limited Registration with a Non-Breeding Agreement, there are no exceptions to this. Also please read over the Health Guarantee Contract, which you will sign the day you pick your puppy up.
My Breeding Philosophy
Puppy Questionnaire
Health Guarantee Contract
Non-Breeding Agreement
The Puppy Questionnaire will open as a Word Document,
please fill it out and either mail it or email it back to me at:

Windy Ridges Goldens

Please read my Breeding Philosophy and the "Puppy Application Process" before contacting me or completing the Puppy Questionnaire.
We reserve the right to refuse the sale of ANY puppy to ANY person at ANY time.
The deposit will be refunded if we decide NOT to sell a puppy.
Our Extended Golden Families Album
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Where "LOVE" is owning a Golden Retriever!

Title Incentive Program for Our New Puppy Owners
If you are interested in being put on the Waiting List for ANY litter, please read the
This will explain the whole process so you know what is going on at all times from the beginning until the puppies go to there new homes!
My Puppy Application Process may be different from other breeders, we each have our puppies best interests in mind first and foremost and we each have different Application Processes. If you do not agree with my Puppy Application Process, that is fine, you want to choose a breeder that is right for you as well as finding one that you are comfortable with when looking for your new family member!
Puppy Application Process
We are not expecting any puppies in 2019 or 2020.