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The BUTTERFLY Litter Pedigree
Cornell Hip Evaluation:

Hip clearance:
OFA GR-107024F27F-VPI

Eye clearance:
CERF GR-349615

Elbow clearance:

Heart clearance:
OFA GR-CA21436/20F/C-PI

Thyroid Clearance:
Clearance Information:
Hip clearance:
OFA GR-105963G35M-PI

Eye clearance:
CERF GR-377621

Heart clearance: CLEARED

Elbow clearance:
OFA GR-EL26760M35-PI

Thyroid clearance: NORMAL
                     DNA Data Bank: GR-DNA-2295/B

 GRCA Title: CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment)
Wyatt is light/medium golden with light golden tones throughout his coat, he has a broad skull, wonderful angulation and a very solid topline.  He possesses the kind and typical expression of the golden retriever breed standard and he displays a very playful attitude. He moves flawlessly, floating around the ring. He is 24" at the withers and weighs 75 pounds. He finished his American Championship (Am CH) in 4 months and is currently working towards his Grand Championship (GrCH), expertly handled by Jennifer (Boyle) Grant. He received his CCA (Certificate of Conformation Assessment) when he was 3 years old in 2012.
Aven is such a sweet, sweet girl! She is my sweetheart! She is a light golden with a solid topline and a beautiful long neck that flows into well set shoulders and a well sprung rib cage.  She measures 23" at the withers and weighs 65 lbs. Her movement is "free-flowing" and correct.
What we are hoping with this breeding: We are hoping to achieve a very versatile litter that can excel in the conformation ring and obedience as well as make wonderful additions to families! Temperament, health, and structure are our top priorities and we are hoping to achieve very well balanced and structurally "correct" puppies from this breeding.
All Clearance Information is supplied to you once you have been placed on the Waiting List and also when your puppy goes home!
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DAM: Windy Ridges Sow Muckle Frae Sow Wee CCA
SIRE: GCH CH Gold Loves Spirit Of The West CGC CCA
A Video of Wyatt at Westminster 2013
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An ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done the end of June 2014.
WE ARE VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS REPEAT BREEDING!!! The first breeding produced puppies that have excelled in the conformation ring as well as loving family additions!